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Sterling Silver Greek Key Riccio Chain Bracelet (8″)
  • Sterling Silver Greek Key Riccio Chain Bracelet
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Sterling Silver Greek Key Riccio Chain Bracelet (8″)


• 925 Sterling Silver
• 8” L x 10 mm Width
• Finishing: High Polish
• 15 Grams
• Nickel free
• Comes with a Free Gift Box
• Free standard shipping
• Made in Turkey

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Sterling Silver Greek Key Riccio Chain Bracelet

Sterling Silver Greek Key Riccio Chain Bracelet is designed and crafted in Istanbul, Turkey. Designers are influenced from nature and the history of this particular craft. The artist who created this necklace, has 15 years of experience in making silver jewelry. Different than our filigree pieces, this new collection has a more polished look. As with all of our designs, here, too we make use of good quality pure 925 Sterling Silver.

Sterling Silver Greek Key Riccio Chain Bracelet is an excellent self-gift item. It works with any outfit and almost for any occasion. This Riccio Chain Necklace has been sold at prime venues in England and Italy and received excellent customer reviews.

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The Story of Greek Key Design

Greek Key Design, also know as the meander is a decorative border constructed from a continuous line, shaped into a repeated motif. On the one hand, the name “meander” recalls the twisting and turning path of the Maeander River in Asia Minor, and on the other hand, as Karl Kerenyi pointed out, “the meander is the figure of a labyrinth in linear form”.[2] Among some Italians, these patterns are known as Greek Lines. Usually the term is used for motifs with straight lines and right angles; the many versions with rounded shapes are called running scrolls.

Meanders are common decorative elements in Greek and Roman art. In ancient Greece they appear in many architectural friezes, and in bands on the pottery of ancient Greece from the Geometric Period onwards. The design is common to the present-day in classicizing architecture. The meander is a fundamental design motif in regions far from a Hellenic orbit: labyrinthine meanders (“thunder” pattern[3]) appear in bands and as infill on Shang bronzes, and many traditional buildings in and around China still bear geometric designs almost identical to meanders.

Ottoman Silver Collection

The Ottoman Silver Collection was launched in London on March 8, 2011 in celebration of the International Women’s Day. Since then, it expanded to Milan-Italy and Dusseldorf-Germany and, in the last year, to Paris-France and Toronto-Canada. Collection has been successful everywhere it has been presented. It is inspired from the historic metal smiting riches of the Peoples of the Empire: Assyrians, Armenians, Greeks, Turks, Kurds and Arabs that date back 8 Millennia. And it is updated to meet the needs of modern woman.

This collection is created in Turkey and by some of the best Filigree Artists in the world. We have been supplying jewelry to some of the best retail outlets including the best known TV retailers for 20 years. Aside from the USA, it has sold and has a strong following in the UK, Italy, Germany, France and Canada. We are about to debut in China soon.

Designs are inspired from history and nature. The Ottoman Empire that lends its name to our collection inherited the cultural riches of the Roman and Byzantine Empires. In this part of the world they have been making jewelry for 8 millennia. It was home to jewelers of Assyrian, Armenian, Greek, Persian, Arabic and Turkish heritage.

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Greek Key


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