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Artisan Crafted Sterling Silver Tulip Bracelet
  • Artisan Crafted Sterling Silver Tulip Bracelet
    Artisan Crafted Sterling Silver Tulip Bracelet
  • Ottoman Silver Collection

Artisan Crafted Sterling Silver Tulip Bracelet


• 925 Silver Sterling
• Artisan crafted, Handmade
• Blue Chalcedony stones measure 6 mm
• 7 1/4″ (with an 1 3/4″ extender)
• Finishing: Oxidized, lightly polished
• Nickel free
• Comes with a Free Gift Box
• Free standard shipping
• Made in Turkey

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Artisan Crafted Sterling Silver Tulip Bracelet

Artisan Crafted Sterling Silver Tulip Bracelet is a sterling silver, artisan-crafted item with blue chalcedony. It is handmade in Ankara, Turkey. Filigran, the artist who created this bracelet, has 20 years of experience in making filigree.
Filigree is the art of embroidery with metal thread. Many floral elements are embroidered with this technique. It is similar to embroidering lace except with metal thread. It is an art that has been developed and excelled in Southeastern Turkey in the last two millennia by Assyrian Christians.

The Story of this Particular Design

This unique design is our trademark. And no mistake could be hidden in this hand made production technique. Aside from its esthetic beauty, the piece is reminiscent of historic sites left from the Greek and or the Romans. It takes about half a day to finish an intricate design such as this one. Our artists have put their passion into this design. It is made of many layers. Each layer is made separately and soldered on the main piece. As in any other filigree, the piece is totally transparent and any imperfection would easily be seen. It is a limited edition piece.

Artisan Crafted Sterling Silver Tulip Bracelet is an excellent self-gift item. It works with any outfit and almost for any occasion. This bracelet has been sold at prime venues in England and Italy and received excellent customer reviews.

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Ottoman Silver Collection

The Ottoman Silver Collection was launched in London on March 8, 2011 in celebration of the International Women’s Day. Since then, it expanded to Milan-Italy and Dusseldorf-Germany and, in the last year, to Paris-France and Toronto-Canada. Collection has been successful everywhere it has been presented. It is inspired from the historic metal smiting riches of the Peoples of the Empire: Assyrians, Armenians, Greeks, Turks, Kurds and Arabs that date back 8 Millennia. And it is updated to meet the needs of modern woman.

Additional Information


Floral, Tulip


Blue / Aqua Chalcedony


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